Jon Hyers Vampire Girl 2-DVD Set


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Vampire Girl   2- DVD Set!

A DVD for Window and Wall projections. Vampire Girl performs similar scenes to  the Virtual Dracula DVD, walking against a stone wall, looking out a window, and biting a man sitting at a desk [against a window]. Vampire Girl contains a variety of different sizes of framing and Prop Window Pane that is recorded onto the video, as well as similar scenes without any prop window. This standard DVD also comes with widescreen letterboxed scenes, as well as Portrait Style [90 degree sideways images] for use with either wide screen TVs turned 90 degrees -portrait style, or with any video projector that functions when turned on it's side. 

This DVD also contains the how to DVD, Projected Reality 3, THE HOME HAUNTERS GUIDE to Video Projection Effects [aka PR3]. This 60 minute + how do DVD gives you many ideas on how to set-up ANY wall and window Projection Scenes, as well as provides instructions for other Video Projection Effects DVD titles. You will get exposure to these other DVDs and see what else is possible. To read the entire content of the PR3 DVD, please read the description for that product and watch it's own youtube. Understand that although PR3 comes free with the purchase of Vampire Girl DVD, it is also sold by itself for persons who are only interested in the how-to material, or for any customers who have bought our Video Projectable Effects DVD/VHS tapes between 2000 and 2010, prior to the making of PR3. 

SO, if you buy Vampire Girl DVD, do not buy PR3 as you will receive it automatically. IF however you buy PR3, you will only get the how to, you will not receive any effects DVDs to use.

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