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Projected Reality 3 [PR3] - The Home Haunters Guide to Video Projection FX

This is ONLY A HOW TO, there are NO VIDEO IMAGES to use for projection. This DVD provides knowledge, as well as the instructions for a number of effects DVDs - for example Dracula.  ANY of these DVDs which contain a free copy of Projected Reality 3, aka PR3, will mention this fact.

PROJECTED REALITY #3 [PR3] is Jon Hyers 3rd instructional DVD for the effective use of Video Projected Illusions for Haunted attractions, and any other live theater or event application. This INSTRUCTIONAL DVD, is focused primarily on Video Projection Effects at the home, you will learn how to set-up; Projections on Doors and Windows, The Stairs Ghost, Roof Projections, Snake Projections on a garage floor, The Virtual 3D Graveyard, Dracula's Coffin V3D Illusion, Ceiling Projections, including a number of new Mirror based image expanders, Dripping Blood Projection done on a Manican Head, and Underwater Projections. These demonstrations make use of many of Jon Hyers Visual Effects, some of these effects come from Magic Wizard FX DVD [October 2011 release], Projection FX3 [no relation to PR3, release? Sept 2011], and some effects from Projection FX 1 and 2, as deemed necessary by Jon Hyers for an effective teaching of these methods. 

Again, this is HOW TO ONLY, NOT the EFFECTS, all effects DVDs are sold separately. 

In this HOW TO  DVD, you'll also learn a simple-to-construct Rear Screen Frames, a number of Home-Made Video Projector mounts, assemble a common Professional video projector ceiling mount, tips on using the most common Menu Controls of the average video projector.  You will also get a FEW recommendations of projectors to buy, and where to buy them.

NOTE: This DVD PR3- released in 2011 [or a condensed version of it], is automatically placed in the same dvd box if you buy Dracula, Frankenstein Scenes, Ghost of History, and Spiders Snakes and Bats, Vampire Girl, and possibly new ones YET to be released. Understand that some DVDs mentioned above, will contain a condensed version of PR3, not the entire program. The primary reason for this is because of confusion caused when people buy PR3 separately, then get a copy free with one of the above mentioned projection effects DVDs, and feel they were misled. At some point, ALL DVDs mentioned above will contain only a reduced length version of PR3.

Why is PR3 also sold by itself?
Jon Hyers has been making Video Projection Effects since 2005, and TV effects which could be used with projectors since 2000. And Hyers released several Video Projection DVDs that were sold in 2008-2010, prior to the making of PR3 HOW TO video. Therefore PR3 is also sold by itself for the benefit of all past customers who have purchased any Projection FX DVDs between 2000 and 2010. For example. If a customer who bought Spiders,Snakes, Bats DVD in 2009, 2 years before we released PR3, they won't want to buy "spiders" DVD a 2nd time. Clearly we are unable to create a lifetime of DVDs in one year. Please be careful NOT to buy PR3 [Projected Reality 3 The Home Haunters Guide] if you buy any of the above mentioned DVDs. NO refunds or exchanges if you do.

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