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Dungeons & Dragons CD (MS1006-CD)

Ancient underground temples, dark knights, mysterious labyrinths, sorcerers, forgotten tombs, enchanted forests, and creatures from the deepest depths all await you on this gothic fantasy adventure containing over an hour of music. 

 The perfect musical accompaniment to the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game.

(65 minutes)

Track Listing

1. Prelude  2. Troubled Times  3. Ride to Destiny 4. The Fens of Sargath 

5. Descent into the Depths  6. Stealth and Cunning  7. Behind Door #1  8. Skirmish 

9. Eternal Mystery  10. Heroes' Valor  11. Relic Uncovered  12. Deep Trouble 

13. Chant  14. Craft of the Wizard  15. Beasts of the Borderlands  16. Secret Chamber 

17. Lair of the Great Wyrm  18. Ancient Temple  19. How Strange  20. Army of the Dead 

 21. Final Confrontation  BONUS TRACKS  22. Ruins of Bone Hill  23. City of Sails


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