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The Rage : Official Motion Picture Soundtrack CD (MS1009-CD)

Midnight Syndicate's score to Robert Kurtzman's drive-in/late-night horror show thriller, "The Rage." Menacing ambience and signature Midnight Syndicate soundscape mixed with high-octane, blood-pumping action and chase themes.   Being a movie score, "The Rage" is much more atmospheric than typical Midnight Syndicate releases and contains big, dynamic movements that follow the action in what is a very intense, roller coaster ride of a horror film.


Track Listing

1. Theme from "The Rage"   2. Injecting the Formula   3. In the Forest Deep   4. Dr. V's Lab   5. Feeding Time   6. Don't Go in There   7. Uncle Ben Montage   8. Crash Aftermath   9. Uncle Ben Under the Winnebago   10. The Waterfall   11. Birds of Prey   12. Meet Dr. V.   13. Kiss the Monkey   14. Dr. V's Theme   15. Surrounded   16. Breakthrough   17. Showdown in the Lab   18. Gor   19. Final Confrontation with Dr.V


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