Large Bag of Bones for Halloween - 12 Pounds!


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 Halloween Prop Haunted House Graveyard or Pirates LOOK!



 Great for stage, theme parks, approximately 10-12 pounds of assorted 4th quality bones. This Large Bag contains a life-size Bucky skull, humerus, hand (on wire), hip bone and sacrum (tail bone). Also contains a foot, lower jaw, clavicle, ribs, vertebrae, arm and leg bones in various sizes from life-size to mini.  4th quality bones may be imperfect, discolored, unfinished, or have missing hardware.

Pro or Home Halloween Haunters, this IS one of the coolest bags of bone props you'll ever find !!   (Smaller Bag Available Too!)

These add the 'perfect touch' to your displays. Item BONES1

As you probably already know, all sales for 4th quality goods are final. 

(But we know you'll be happy) .....

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