BART SKELETON SPIDER Haunted Halloween Prop


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4th class Hanging SPIDER BART SKELETON
As you probably already know, all sales for 4th quality goods are final. (But we know you'll be happy). 






This Skeletal "Bart" Spider is about 1.5 times LARGER than the popular Thrifty Spider!! 

GREAT for Pro and Home Halloween Haunters, this is the real deal !!

Hanging from a 30" chain, this spider skeleton is 23 inches X 16 inches X 8 inches. 

Made of durable plastic resin, this 4th quality skeleton may have slight imperfections, or have some bone discoloration, or even a loose or missing screw.  But as you already know, this is the way to go! 

Perfect as a hanging prop, or stick him in a web!! (cool) 

These are a great for the haunted house or on stage in the haunted theme parks!




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