Flicker Skull Metal Chandelier with Four Small Skulls


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Skull / Metal Chandelier with Four Small Skulls

This well constructed skull chandelier, made with four Mr. Thrifty (4 inch) skulls, would be great for any Halloween or Horror event. It is made in a circular pattern with the skulls tilted slightly downward, as to be looking at the people below.  The metal is 1/8 inch thick aluminum by 3/4 inch and 1 inch wide strips; and is bolted together through out so it is both light and sturdy.  The over all size is 19 inches tall by 15 inches wide, and it comes with a chain at the top for hanging.  The hanging weight is under 5 pounds.

The lights easily plugged in to any wall outlet.

This chandelier would be great for any Halloween, horror, or gothic event.  It definitely sets the right atmosphere. 

The four 3-watt flicker bulbs are included!  Item #SS-SKUL-100M

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